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BiolumenEssence Flower Essences ~ Awaken your Luminous Nature












  the conscious, life-affirming inner luminosity that authentically expresses the deeply aligned truth & essence of Who You Are ~ often revealed as you awaken to your highest destiny through deepening your connection to the Wild~Benevolence of Nature: the very foundation of life on Earth.


I think of flower essences as “liquid light-workers”... your own personal energy healer on call and in your purse, pocket or on your desk 24 hours a day. They are catalysts for transformation, growth & conscious evolution – they shine a light and illuminate the dark, stagnant places within that could use a little more light & levity, as they support you on your journey of self exploration & unleashing your highest potential.

They are catalysts for transformation, growth & conscious evolution. When you let your luminous light shine from the inside out into the world, you can't help to feel more in alignment with who you really are, and why you are here on the planet at this time.

Flower essences support your inner transformational process as they elevate your frequency, bring you into alignment, increase your vibrancyelation & vitality




"You Got This seriously has saved my life on multiple occasions. I cannot and will not live without it. Thank you for co~creating such powerful healing magic and sharing it with us. Spirit knows we need all the support we can get and this is pure Divine love and light."

-Jennifer Rose




You Got This Flower Essence


BiolumenEssence offers products & services that help to activate & anchor the luminous, intuitive, cosmically-connected, expansive parts of you that yearn to be expressed, experienced & shared with the world. If you are ready to transmute what isn't aligned with your Highest Purpose and Divine Destiny, while deepening your connection to the natural world around you, we invite you to explore our offerings...




BiolumenEssence Flower Essences





Our flower essences are a synthesis of the mystical elements of alchemy, spirit & magic synergizing with the energetics, therapeutics & Wild~Benevolence of the plant kingdom.


The alchemy & synergy that happens when working with flower essences creates a resonance between our personal frequency and that of the Earth & Cosmos. Expansion, wellness & transformation often result, as that which is dissonant to Who you Are, naturally falls away.




Flowers have a way of reminding us of our innate perfection.
They don’t waste their energy on self-doubt, stories of not being good enough, not having enough, or being too afraid to move forward. They don’t hold back the unfurling of their petals until “the perfect time” when they finally feel worthy of being seen or touched by sunlight & pollinators. They exemplify how to show up, in the full glory and gorgeousness of who we are, reminding us that we always bloom exactly when it’s time...without judgment, agenda or apology. Be like flowers.




awaken your luminous nature


All of our products are hand crafted and hand poured with Sacred Intent for the Purposeful Unfoldment of your Highest Destiny

Throughout the process of creation, we work with the Wild Benevolence of Nature,  Cyma & Solfeggio sound frequencies, sacred geometry, Orgonite & pyramid energy. These multi-dimensional energetic infusions assist in activating & illuminating the Light Body and Awakening your Luminous Nature.

**unlike essential oils, flower essences do not have an aroma, and are safe to take internally **