Flowers have dynamic personalities and carry specific energetic signatures. Just because 2 flowers are of the same genus & species, does not mean that they are the same. There are many factors that contribute to the multi~dimensional personality & energy present in each essence: 

  The land where it was grown, the soil, the climate & the energy of the people that live nearby. What was the astrology on the day that the essence was created & throughout the growing process? What was happening in the world at the time of its germination & flowering? What was the sound signature that the bee brought (sonication pollination) to the flower as it nuzzled & rolled around inside and gathered pollen? What was the story that blew in on the breeze, or the information contained in the raindrops that landed on the petals the day before harvest? Was it serenaded to by crickets at night? Did it grow through cracks in the sidewalk in the city? Did it grow under overhead power lines, near an airport? Where and under what conditions was the water sourced that is being used? What was the intention held during the process of creation...from harvesting to bottling?  All of these factors play a role in determining the personality, and use of a flower essence.

  • Jasmine Elegance Flower Essence
  • LightStar Flower Essence
  • SURRENDER California Poppy Flower Essence
  • Transmutation Honeysuckle Flower Essence

There are many facets to a single plant’s personality, some may be revealed as it interacts with your own personal energy. These descriptions are a starting point. I invite you to connect with each essence as its own autonomous being; allowing it to unfurl its magic, wisdom and uniqueness, without sticking it in a box and deciding who it is, before it reveals itself to you.

After the flower essence is made, I sit with & connect to the Mother Essence and ask it why someone would want to work with that particular essence & what it is for. The information comes through like an energetic signature that I read/decode and translate into words. The descriptions of the essences were given to me from the essence itself. I am just a conduit for the information. I do not change any of the verbiage, it is written exactly as it came through.

Flower essences, unlike essential oils have no aroma and are safe for internal use. Anoint your temples, pulse points, chakras or any areas where you are holding energy that you would like to shift. Add a few drops to a bath, body lotion, room spray or diffuser to immerse yourself in the vibration of the essence. Anointing sacred objects & magical tools, or given as an offering in a ceremony or in a healing session is a powerful way to work with these essences.