I’m not a fan of trends. Usually if everyone is into something, I run fast in the other direction. Owning a gift shop that sells a lot of crystals, lately we have been being asked for Moldavite at least 6 times a day- thanks to TicTok. And while it is kind of refreshing that people are actually craving deep transformation & change, it is a little worrisome that Moldavite is the stone they are looking to work with, before ever picking up a piece of Rose Quartz or Amethyst. I’ll admit, I had some judgements about that.

In working with Moldavite recently, it certainly made its presence heard loud and clear. It is time for people on this planet to start working with the energy it brings.


Unlike other crystals that grow within the earth, there is a finite amount of Moldavite on the planet (it arrived via meteor crash in the Czech Republic some 14 billion years ago, and currently there is no mining happening, which is why it is so expensive and hard to find)

BiolumenEssence Moldavite Gem EssenceThis is what inspired the idea to create a Moldavite Gem Essence…essences are a powerful and sustainable alternative if you can’t get your hands on a piece of this somewhat translucent green meteorite. Essences are a great way to ease into the energy & control your dosage. You can apply a drop topically (on your third eye), or put it directly under your tongue or in a glass of water, drop some in your bath or diffuser to immerse & surround yourself in its ancient vibration that feels like it’s from the future. You can increase the dosage as you desire, but I’ll tell you, I put one drop under my tongue and it was as if all my cells were dancing, instantly.

People are starving for the starlight element. Many people are at home watching TV at night, and not staring into the night sky, contemplating the cosmos and our place in it. We’ve lost our connection to the interconnectedness of all life – on earth & beyond.

When you first start working with Moldavite, it can be a bit ungrounding & you may become a bit light headed. However, once you acclimate to its increased vibration, is quite fun-it is very activating, expansive, elevating & illuminating. It aligns you with your destiny & what brings you joy.

My sense is that it is calling to everyone so powerfully lately, to shake off the stagnation, move through what is blocking you from stepping powerfully into your own light & purpose. Sometimes this isn’t easy, and it can get ugly and challenging…which is why we tend to be cautious with the teens coming into the shop looking for it, we want to be sure people have the tools to process all the “stuff” that may arise. (Other flower essences, gems, energy work & meditation are supportive of this process)


Moldavite Gem Essence

-Helps you to tap into your intuition & call in higher wisdom⁠

-Aligns you with your purpose & what brings you joy⁠

-Deeply transformational⁠

-Connects us to All That Is⁠

-Carries & Unlocks Ancient Wisdom⁠

-Nourishes the Starlight Element within⁠

-Teaches us how to embody All That We Are & All That We Know⁠

-Connects you to your origins - Ancestors & Heritage beyond this lifetime⁠

-Calls you to be On Purpose in your life & supports you in creating the life you desire⁠

-Helps you get out of your own way & Acknowledge the Wonder of your own Being-ness⁠

-Reminds us of our own magic & the importance of integrating our Cosmic aspects with our Earthly experience⁠


-Finding Magic in the Mundane⁠

-Magical Synchronicities & SynchroDestiny experiences⁠

-Seeing & Sensing beyond 3D⁠

-Connection to other star systems & galaxies⁠

-Explosive Expansion of your Heart Space⁠

-Listening to the Call of your Heart & subtle nudges from spirit⁠

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