Happy New Year

Happy New Year

 Back in early November, I was gifted 2 long stem roses from the Cacao Ceremony that was held at the Gem. Those 2 roses sat in a vase on my counter for weeks, as I watched the life force slowly escape from their blooms. They were still beautiful in their decay, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them just yet. So, I just let them be, and to my surprise, new leaves started sprouting from their withered stems - a testament to the relentless energy of life itself.

I share this with you, because it feels like a timely message, going into the new year. We often yearn for a clean slate, and to leave the past behind us, as we create anew. Yet all of our new growth hinges on who we have come to be, and what the past has taught us about ourselves and the world around us. You may feel aspects of your old self dying, or have a strong knowing that there are pieces of your story that it is time to release & let go of…wherever you are at, trust that there is new life & growth waiting to germinate & sprout in the most unlikely of places. 

Happy New Year,


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