Hallowed Grownd

Hallowed Grownd

The new year has brought lots of change & transition in our neck of the woods. There have been moments that have felt like being in the middle of a swirling vortex, or traversing a tightrope between different dimensions/realities. There has been grief & good byes, while at the same time holding excitement for all new things to come this year. It can be challenging to navigate the range of emotions existing simultaneously within us. 

What do we do in moments like this? I go to the woods. I find the steady, grounded energy of the trees to center me – to me, they are an embodiment of alignment…with their roots deep in the earth, and their branches reaching to the sky, they stand tall amongst their community of neighboring trees, connected through their mycelial network – they can teach us how to support one another & communicate, without saying a word. They have withstood many storms that have passed, and are no stranger to the process of transmutation & life that’s birthed out of death & decay. Being in nature reminds us that we *are* nature.

hallowed grownd

Nature is my greatest teacher, and my church. It is out of this connection that Hallowed Grownd was created. Hallowed Grownd is the sacred space nestled between Hidden Gem & Divinely Rooted & home to BiolumenEssences’s Blending Bar.  It is a space for community to gather, events & healing work that supports our roots, our growth, and our expansion into the greatest expression of Who We Are… one that reminds us of how intricately we are connected to the natural world around us. The plants in this space are always ready to serenade you with their song, so if you need a little pick me up, a good cry, or a reminder of the wonder of life that’s ever present, please come for a visit.

Wishing you warmth in the chilly days ahead,

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