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"Bell Flower flower essence imparts a hard core parental energy. Gives you back full responsibility and ownership of your stuff- to hold on to in a self contained container that doesn’t leak all over others. Bell Flower flower essence teaches us that self medicating is no longer an answer & neither is complicating your story with drama. Asking bigger questions & opening to all possibilities is the way through the process. This essence activates that questioning while not allowing you to seep into your victimhood and seek sympathy from others." 


  • That your personal boundaries have sprung a leak

  • That it is time to start to own your decisions & choices and move through life with a sense of empowerment instead of victim consciousness

  • The need for support & assistance when beliefs and paradigms begin to shift

  • The need for clarity & honesty in oneself and relationships with All.


  • Being ready to hear the hard stuff - like a good friend who tells you the truth, Responsibility calls you into a higher alignment, by looking beyond all the warm & fuzzy/love & light stuff and into all the stuff one doesn't want to look at within oneself.

  • The development of your RESPONSE mechanism to the energies at play in your life

  • Learning how to manage the effect these energies have on you (and those around you).


Flower Infusion anchored & preserved in spring water, organic cognac (brandy)


 Before using the essence, I like to connect with the spirit of the plant or gem ~ I do this while tapping the bottom of the bottle on my palm (usually about 5 times), which assists in awakening the matrix in which the essence is held. Water, in its natural state, is always in motion ~ shaking the bottle in this way activates both the aliveness of the water, and wakes up the sleeping plant deva inside (that is my experience anyway). Being intentional about your thoughts while in the presence of the essence (and water in general), is essential, as we have seen evidence from Dr. Masaru Emoto's work the effect that thoughts have on the crystalline structure of water.
Anointing sacred objects, like crystals, mala beads, wands, or any tools you may use in
ceremony or a healing session is a powerful way to work with these essences.
Use them in Nature, on the Earth & in the Waters. Work with them when you
do Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT Tapping for profound shifts & growth.
You can use up to 4 different
essences in a protocol to address whatever it is you are working on & to get you to where you want to go in your own process, as long as the essences don’t contradict each other, and support each other in their function. I
personally choose three - one for the Past, for what I need to clear up, release & let go of in order to move forward. One for the Present, for whatever it is that I am marinating in the midst of at that moment. And the final one for the Future, for where I am headed, what I would like to create for myself & the energies I'd like to invite into my experience. You could
also choose them for Mind, Body & Spirit - like we have in our Oracle Reading, or whatever other parameters you choose. 
Flower Essences are subtle and powerful. More isn’t always necessarily better, though we have noticed that
consistency in taking the essence (or applying it topically) does make a
difference. Giving the essence some time to integrate and work with your energy
is essential. Sometimes shifts happen immediately, other times it could take a couple of weeks to notice that a shift has occurred.
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