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LightStar Aromatic Oil Blends

LightStar Aromatic Oil Blends

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LightStar Activation Aromatic Oil Blends help to spin out any discordant energies out of your field.

At a time when we are being bombarded with information that requires a lot of discernment, it’s helpful to know you are standing in a clear and aligned space within yourself.

LightStar Activation Synergy Essence is like a colonic for your energy body that helps to align you with your core seed of light, amplifying your SHINE in the world.

4oz spray contains:

Organic Essential Oils of: Fresh Ginger, Frankincense serrata, Lemon & Fragonia with LightStar Cosmic Synergy Flower Essence

10ml Roll On ingredients are the same, except it is in a base of Organic jojoba instead of spring water, organic alcohol & Himalayan Salt

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