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6th Chakra (Third Eye) Aromatic Anointing Essential Oil Synergy

6th Chakra (Third Eye) Aromatic Anointing Essential Oil Synergy

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invites you to open your third eye & trust your intuition.

General Information on the Third Eye Chakra:

The 6th chakra, also known as the Third Eye, is located in the center of the forehead, over the pituitary gland. This is our psychic center, how you see yourself & the world, where we dream, visualize and manifest. Thought, perception, clarity vs. ambiguity, Illumination & Sight. This is the place of spiritual and personal wisdom. Intuition & Knowing. The color of the third eye is indigo. Sound is "EEE".

Essential Oils in Organic Jojoba:

 Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia var Maliette*) Frankincense (Boswellia serrata*), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis ct verbenone*) & Pinon Pinecone (Pinus edulis** )


Flower Essences:

Echinacea (Consciousness), Lupine (Awareness) & Hollyhock (Cosmic Support)

Gem Essences:

Amethyst & Labradorite


To use: Anoint your pulse points & third eye chakra. Add a few drops to a bath or body lotion if you desire.

To use the Aromatic Aura Mist: Mist around your body, in your energy field or living space.

*For external use only. Although we use the highest quality essential oils, ingestion is not recommended.


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