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4th Chakra COURAGE: Heart Chakra Flower & Gem Essence

4th Chakra COURAGE: Heart Chakra Flower & Gem Essence

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invites you into your Heart, the place of self love & your Divine Identity.

The 4th chakra, also known as the Heart Chakra, is located between the breasts, under the breastbone. The heart is the bridge that connects the lower chakras with the higher ones.  This is where our Divine Identity lies, our love of self & love of God lives here as well. Generator of emotions, compassion, forgiveness. This is where transformation becomes available to us. This is our center of Love. Balance & Harmony. The color of the Heart Chakra is green. Sound is "AH" like "sigh". Major source of the body’s autoimmunity. 

Heart Chakra Flower & Gem Essence contains Flower Essences of:

ROSE (LOVE) - For inviting love into your life, healing & balancing for the heart chakra. Supportive when you feel the largeness of Who You Are & need support in birthing it into being & inviting Love into your life. Fosters heart activation through connection with all the benevolent forces. Assists in the ability & desire to love oneself.

PANSY (CLARITY) Acts as a heart opener, for when you’ve shut down & closed off your heart, dealing with emotional grief. Soothes emotional pain, quiets the mind. Fosters letting go. Clarity of purpose. Gentle, playful & nurturing.

QUINTESSENTIAL MATRIARCH MEDLEY (DIVINE FEMININE) Unconditional love of self, acceptance of others & non-judgement. Comfort. Faith. Helps you to unlearn patterns & programs that no longer serve you. Embodiment of the Matriarch consciousness. Assists with dissolving grief & moving through loss with a sense of serenity & peace.

Gem Essences of:

ROSE QUARTZ – facilitates forgiveness, compassion & unconditional love

JADE– opens your heart & fills your spirit with courage


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I needed some assistance moving through grief and really opening myself to love of self and others!! This one did it for me. I sat home for a few days of solitude and set intentions on what I wanted to surrender and experience and when I say I went internal and came out like booming sunshine Baaabaaaay!!!