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3rd Chakra VITALITY: Solar Plexus Flower & Gem Essence

3rd Chakra VITALITY: Solar Plexus Flower & Gem Essence

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invites you into your core, to your place of personal power.

The 3rd Chakra, also called the Solar Plexus, is located just above the navel. The Solar Plexus governs digestion. This is also where we hold our beliefs about ourselves, and record every positive and negative thing we have ever heard or experienced about ourselves. Ability to love ourselves, integrity, and personal dignity live here. Center of Personal Power, Self Esteem & Dreamtime. Energy is distributed throughout the body from this chakra.  The color of the Solar Plexus is yellow. Sound is "OH" like "flow". 

Solar Plexus Flower & Gem Essence contains Flower Essences of:

CALENDULA (PLAYFULNESS) - Gets you into alignment with your core, brings you back to center. Brings levity & fun into your life. Trust in one’s humanness. Playfulness as a high & holy spiritual practice. Healing through play & fun.

IRIS (EMPOWERMENT) ~ Fiery, passionate energy. Restores the juiciness stolen from acts of abuse of power, addiction & false beliefs. Restores faith & trust in the power & divinity of life. Welcomes you home to yourself. Activates your core shining light. Bright, vibrant, strong, radiant, empowered. 

HIBISCUS STORM (CONFIDENCE) ~ Assists with the unknown & fear of your own power. creates movement through stagnant places/spaces. Helps to integrate the growth & awareness that have awoken within you. Fosters a “Seize the Day!” attitude that helps one to take a Leap of Faith into the unknown.

Gem Essences of:

TIGER’S EYE – Balances toxic emotions. Facilitates trust in oneself. Transmutes fear & insecurity into courage & confidence.

CITRINE ~ For motivation, creativity, passion & abundance

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