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2nd Chakra PASSION: Sacral Chakra Flower & Gem Essence

2nd Chakra PASSION: Sacral Chakra Flower & Gem Essence

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invites you to explore your passions & desires, to create and birth something into being that hasn't existed before.

The 2nd Chakra also known as the Sacral Chakra is located just below the navel. This is the center of our sexuality, finance, power, control, emotions, sensuality, creativity, creation energy, relationships & immune system. How we relate to others and issues around power live here. Management of one to one relationships happens here. This is where relationship wounds are stored. The color of the Sacral Chakra is orange. Sound is "OO" like "flute". 

Sacral Chakra Flower & Gem Essence contains: Flower Essences of:

PURPLE CALLA LILY (CREATIVITY) - helps you to set the energy for a creation to come through you. Expansive, expressive, ecstatic & joyful. Ignites creativity. Trusting the perfection of the universe. Helps to foster rebirth & new beginnings.

 ROSE OF SHARON (SUSTAINABILITY) - fosters healthy relationships. Clears cynicism, activates wonder. Calls us back to childhood when our connection to the earth was pure & magical.

 HIBISCUS (MANIFESTATION) - fosters the allowance of synchronicity of the physical/spiritual realms. Helps you recognize your soul’s inner beauty. Broadcasts intentions far & wide. Amplifies manifestation & assists with integrating new creation & upgrading your current energy. Sensuous. Love-y

Gem Essences of:

ORANGE CALCITE – Harnesses the energy of the sun. Creativity. Sexuality, Energetic nutrition.

CARNELIAN – Confidence, Passion. Helps you take action & ignite your inner fire

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