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Save 10% when you purchase this collection of 22 flower essences

This Essence Collection contains 22 Flower Essences. For a more expanded explanation of each essence, visit the Personality Profile Guide.

Activator - Rhododendron

Sister~Soul Sister~Light Family Recognition. Scarabs. Egyptian Lineage. Hieroglyphs. Torroidal pyramidal vortexes opening in previously shut down places. Stargate Activator. Keeper of Wisdom, like “The Giver”, Rhododendron flower essence transmits ancient memory. Honey Comb. Queen Bee. Infusions & Dispensations from Spirit are transmitted through this essence. Rhododendron assists in making these dispensations more assimilable & stable as they anchor into the 3D/5D transition/Body. Light-forms & waveforms pulse gratitude into oneself on a cellular level. Cosmic Fire Dancer.

Awareness - Lupine

Lupine flower essence helps us to access heightened states of awareness. Pineal gland activator. Brain food. Galactic family. For difficulty in letting go/saying goodbye, and enhancing short term memory. Helps to trigger & train new neural pathways.

Clarity- Viola

Viola flower essence acts as Heart opener. Spiritual refinement. Truth. Ecstasy. Progressiveness – moving forward & through – letting go. Refinement. Clarity of purpose. Use when you are “down in the dumps” it elevates and expands consciousness. Gentle playful nurturer, as a Confidant/equal (not parental). Joyful and lovey.

Confidence - Hibiscus Storm

Hibiscus Storm Essence assists with the Fear of the unknown, fear of your own power. 3rd eye activating. It gently helps to integrate psychic/intuitive wisdom in gentle, fun, non-confrontational ways. Helps to weave beautiful language as it pours from your lips. Comforting. Confident. Activating & moving through stuck places.

Consciousness - Echinacea

Friendly. Fire. Firefly. Night Sky. Stargates. Time Traveler. Echinacea flower essence helps you move forward when it appears that someone else is holding you back. Helps with decisions/choices that are for your highest alignment- helps one to see through fears & self sabotage. Always gives you what you need to be prepared for anything. Remarkable awareness. Gentle. Passionate. Used for diseases of mass consciousness. Deprograms the programs (from TV) that are programmed into you. The Antidote to Chemtrails. EMFs, GMOs. Holds the highest vision for an ascended humanity. Helps to clear us of our baggage so we can make the transition effortlessly.

Cosmic Support - Holly Hock

Holly Hock flower essence offers Cosmic Support and brings Alkalinity to the Mind & Spirit. Vibrant. Colorful. Responsive. Interpretive Dance. Conga energy. Holly Hock melts away that which no longer serves. Acupuncture for galactic meridians/ties to other star systems. Opens up communication. Eases overwhelm. BlueStarFire. Consciousness shifter, welcoming you to the new Golden Age. Holly Hock is the Guardian of the (Space) Travelers.

 Creativity - Purple Calla Lily

Purple Calla Lily carries a High-swirling- vortexual Sedona Energy, it is expansive, expressive, ecstatic & joyful; yet serene & centered when it is appropriate. Purple Calla Lily offers lots of earth energy with some fire for balance. Creativity Ignited. Sojourn. High Angelic Energy. Trust in the Divine Flow to get you to where you need to be. Allowing the land to call you to your home. Surrender & Trust in the Universe. The courage to take a leap of faith. This gives you the nudge you need to make it happen.

Divine Feminine - Quintessential Matriarch Medley

Quintessential Matriarch flower essence embodies Unconditional Love. Faith. Mother archetype. Embracing the Divine Feminine, letting go of the Patriarch energy.

Elegance - Jasmine

Jasmine Flower Essence is strong, yet soft and feminine. Awakening. Engaging. Integrating. Challenges. Rugged. Resilient. Empowered. For when you feel beaten down and worn out Jasmine will help restore balance. Elegant. Expansive. Integrative. She carries the energy of the daughter archetype. Heals broken hearts…bridges communication gaps. God—Mind. She teaches us that You & Spirit are One and the Same.

Enchanted - Forest Faerie Synergy

The Forest Faerie Synergy/Enchanted tells us that “Sacred Waters Run Deep” ~ that by helping you to tune into your emotional body, it can assist in bringing together fragmentation of the Mind & Spirit. Use it to get in touch with the Magic in your own life, to get present to & see wonder all around you, to embody & embolden the perfection of Nature and the high order of things. Acts as a stepping stone/bridge between worlds ~ assists in accessing the Faerie Realm and the ability to see & feel beyond the 5 senses. Synergy. Balance. Resonance. Clearing. Enchantment. Symbiosis. Elevated. Joyful. Connection. Community. Abundant. Synchronicity. Wildness.  Pollination. Reproduction"

Grace - African Daisy

Graceful. Aphrodisiacal. Consciousness Shifter. African Daisy Flower Essence relieves fears & disappointments and balances the psyche. She assists with challenges of all kinds and helps to bridge the gap between the ego and super conscious mind.

Integration - Basil

Strengthens one’s connection with Nature & ones own Body. Integration. Assists in the manifestation of desires. Clears dissonance from the field. Soft & yielding, warm & nurturing family energy. Basil Flower essence is supportive when going through a lifestyle change, big shifts (like a big move) or an energetic/physical shift. For bringing joy & comfort into your experience.


Intention - Red Clover 

Red Clover flower essence has an affinity for Rhodochrosite – they work well together. Amplifies intentions. Softens the “rebounds” in life. Gentle Guide. For when instinct is just out of reach, something is in place to protect you from attack. Desire. Sisterhood. Playful. Assists with Contracts & solidifying deals (having more confidence in your decisions/choices). Gives you the drive to move forward & inward to achieve goals. Assists with distancing yourself from the Collective by helping to discern what is yours and what is not.

Love - Rose

Rose flower essence carries the energy of the Rose Ray. Mother Mary. Divine Feminine Goddess. Service. Grace. Sisterhood. Bringing in the Law of One. Activating Consciousness & Awareness on the planet. Cosmic Ether. Pleiades. Love. Heart. Expansive Openness & Constant Unfolding. Reverence. Beauty. Simplicity. Intensity. Seriousness-Softness-Protection.

 Manifestation - Hibiscus

Hibiscus flower essence captures energy. Look to Hibiscus when you are holding on when you “should” be letting go. Billboard like energy that broadcasts intentions far and wide. Amplifies Manifestation. Hibiscus assists with integrating new creation & upgrading your current energy so they are in sync & can dance together to create anew. Boundless. Explorative. Adventurous. Sensuous. Love-y.

Playfulness - Calendula

Calendula Flower Essence is Playful & Carefree. Look to Calendula for healing inner wounding & feelings of soul-less-ness. Calendula is outrageous, yang & strong and teaches us how to find strength in vulnerability. Reverence. For when you’ve been negligent in your self practice, Calendula brings you back to center. 2nd & 3rd chakra activator. High & Holy. Dancing. Resilient.

 Protection - Snap Dragon

Snap Dragon flower essence helps to establish delicate, friendly boundaries. Protective of one’s secret garden. Helps work through mundane tasks to get stuff done. Snap Dragon is Masculine (more so than feminine) and Logical, not overly emotional or visual. Graphic (likes graphs). Statistics. Answers. Helps to balance both hemispheres of the brain/create integration between the right & the left. Wind Song Singularity.

Responsibility- Bell Flower

Bell Flower flower essence imparts a hard core parental energy. Gives you back full responsibility and ownership of your stuff- to hold on to in a self contained container that doesn’t leak all over others. Bell Flower flower essence teaches us that self medicating is no longer an answer & neither is complicating your story with drama. Asking bigger questions & opening to all possibilities is the way through the process. This essence activates that questioning while not allowing you to seep into your victimhood and seek sympathy from others.

Solitude - Russian Sage

Russian Sage flower essence teaches us about Solitude. Solitary instrumentalism. Pierces the veil for lonely hearts. Musical integration, lyrical understanding – poetic rhythm, finding meaning through music, healing through sound. For loneliness/aloneness – whether you are feeling alone and sorrowful or are in quiet meditation, it helps direct the energy in a beneficial way – either more inward for self understanding or outward like a light house seeking community/communion with the Other. Wise. Strong. Cleansing. Soft & Yielding but powerful.

Sorcerer - Daisy

Daisy flower essence carries the energy of the Sorcerer (SOURCErer). Divine Goddess Light. Womb Magic. Passion. Forgiveness. Perseverance. Gratitude. Joy. Daisy brings forth one’s highest expression and helps us to tap into magical realms beyond what we can see (3D) & into other dimensions & Star Systems. Time Travel. Expedited Manifestation. Wonder. Cosmic Juice for the “New Age” coming upon us. Fuel. Nourishment. Essential Balance. Daisy embodies Wonderment & Fulfillment of our Highest Purpose.

Surrender - California Poppy

California Poppy Flower Essence offers us a mountain vista perspective on life. She assists with learning to read the guidance & sign-language that the Universe is presenting to you, and awakens silent trigger points within, so daily activities activate you deeper and bring you into further alignment with why you are on the planet and what your soul purpose is about. Opens bronchioles to let the Divine Light in to your being to penetrate and bring you back into alignment & wholeness. Gratitude & Surrender to the bigger picture. Helps develop a poetic interface with the world around you. Gracefully gifting you back to yourself.

Transmutation - Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle flower essence assists in turning “Bittersweet Memories” into pure, sweet remembrance by shifting perspectives to the positive; she helps to transform & transmute judgment & self loathing. She carries the energy of Brotherhood. Guardian of the Faerie Realm. Faerie/Elven/Sprite like beings bestow their energy through this essence. Honeysuckle takes you on a gentle transformative journey…one of Inner silence & Sweetness, Kindness & Gentleness. 7th Chakra. Transmutes Fears. Wise. Friendly. Fun & Sensual.


Flower Infusion anchored & preserved in spring water, organic cognac (brandy)


 Before using the essence, I like to connect with the spirit of the plant or gem ~ I do this while tapping the bottom of the bottle on my palm (usually about 5 times), which assists in awakening the matrix in which the essence is held. Water, in its natural state, is always in motion ~ shaking the bottle in this way activates both the aliveness of the water, and wakes up the sleeping plant deva inside (that is my experience anyway). Being intentional about your thoughts while in the presence of the essence (and water in general), is essential, as we have seen evidence from Dr. Masaru Emoto's work the effect that thoughts have on the crystalline structure of water.
Anointing sacred objects, like crystals, mala beads, wands, or any tools you may use in
ceremony or a healing session is a powerful way to work with these essences.
Use them in Nature, on the Earth & in the Waters. Work with them when you
do Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT Tapping for profound shifts & growth.
You can use up to 4 different
essences in a protocol to address whatever it is you are working on & to get you to where you want to go in your own process, as long as the essences don’t contradict each other, and support each other in their function. I
personally choose three - one for the Past, for what I need to clear up, release & let go of in order to move forward. One for the Present, for whatever it is that I am marinating in the midst of at that moment. And the final one for the Future, for where I am headed, what I would like to create for myself & the energies I'd like to invite into my experience. You could
also choose them for Mind, Body & Spirit - like we have in our Oracle Reading, or whatever other parameters you choose. 
Flower Essences are subtle and powerful. More isn’t always necessarily better, though we have noticed that
consistency in taking the essence (or applying it topically) does make a
difference. Giving the essence some time to integrate and work with your energy
is essential. Sometimes shifts happen immediately, other times it could take a couple of weeks to notice that a shift has occurred.
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