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1st Chakra: PRESENCE Root Chakra Flower & Gem Essence

1st Chakra: PRESENCE Root Chakra Flower & Gem Essence

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invites you to ground, to be present and embodied. Use during meditation to keep you anchored in the here and now.

The 1st Chakra, or Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. This is where we connect to the Earth, where we store teachings of the "tribe", religious upbringing, family, ethnicity & issues of survival and living on the planet. Any group consciousness that influences us from childhood is recorded here. Grounding, Trust, & Survival. Management of our physical world. The color of the root chakra is red. Sound is "UH" like "uuuggghhh".

Root Chakra Flower Essence & Gem Essence Contains Flower Essences of:

RUSSIAN SAGE (SOLITUDE)- Connection with your personal power and strength. Feelings of comfort, protection and safety while on a new journey. Connection with your community ~tribe ~ soul family. Brings in the support of a kindred spirit walking beside you to help distribute the weight of the load you are carrying.

COLUMBINE (CONNECTION) - Assists one to wake up. Awakening sound synergy. Remedies disconnection & fosters a sense of belonging & harmony. Challenges assumptions. For when there is dissociation in the family dynamic/you’re the odd one out. Black Sheep. Scape Goat. Prosperity. Highest Alignment. Oneness. Family. Fulfillment of Desires.

VINCA (EXPANSION) - Invigorating. Refreshing.  Dynamic.  Creates movement in the face of stagnation. Pushes boundaries, expectations & limitations. Expansive-broad sweeping, all-encompassing support to pull off amazing challenges & feats. Supportive, strong & solid.

Gem Essences of:

GARNET – Supports the flow of chi, energy & health

SHUNGITE – grounding & protective

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