The essences have been AMAZING.  I'm seeing how I'm speaking more concisely,
    with more confidence and less fear.  And I am opening up creatively and literally with my voice.  I'm singing and singing not caring how it sounds. I set the intention to totally open up this physical voice to bring forth whatever tonal qualities it wants to emit.  I feel that I really do have a singing voice but it's been so closed down. And I am knowing to get back into playing music,
    add dance - lots of art and music stuff. 
    I also know the essences are supporting me to dissolve a long held
    blockage in this area of my body.  Your essences are amazing. Thank you. - AV


    Currently, Sorcerer is bringing up so much old stuff to be healed. I had been asking myself, “What is *wrong* with me?!” Of course I finally made the connection.
    I’ve only been “like this” for a few days. I have the sense I’ll feel better very soon.So the important feedback: Daisy is helping me heal from divorce/emotional abuse trauma, including that sustained just 4 years ago. I thought I’d mention this as you indicate it’s efficacy for healing ancient wounds...so wanted to let you know how much it’s helping with recent
    trauma too. :) I know this will allow me to open up to new love. I’ve been so closed to all men...but the ice is gonna thaw. Can’t wait! :))


    It's truly a gift to develop a deep relationship with each of your essences; You Got This contains an oceanic atmosphere of gentle boldness with a sense of morphing time into dedication, at least for me anyways

    I have really been developing a deep relationship to the "You Got This" essence and, I must admit, it is a feeling of being caught by grace in the perceived chaos and stillness of life's experience. My clients are also already feeling the aural energies of "Cosmic Support", which is wholly perfect. -JH


    So I just picked up your blend. Suuuper high potency! I can feel it through the bottle....I just started taking. I love it. One day in and I disrupted a really bad habit. -EW

    "This is a deep and subtle essence (Integration) that works at various levels of my system, assisting in the unraveling of pieces of patterns
    I’m working on releasing. "


    "I’m completely in love with your flower essences, thank you for the magic you create!"

    "The throat chakra essence is so wonderful for this.  I feel blessed that I've found you. Thank you
    so much for your creations they are magical! "


    I love the last 2 that I ordered and have shared them with my nurses at work.  Thank you for putting so much love and specific healing modalities into these essences. 
    I have been a self taught practitioner for years and I love that you are using sound healing with these as well. - AJ


    I love this essence. I feel a more conscious connection to the experience of being a woman when I take it; as though I can tap into the archetypal beauty of my femininity, the universal strength of my creativity and the reservoir of nurturance within my form. The Divine Feminine essence supports me in accessing the collective capacity of Woman within me. -JY


    I love this Enchanted essence blend! I feel connected to the Faerie Realm and this essence reminds me to play, to soften my approach to myself and the world: I have the opportunity to engage with life from a perspective of wonder and the expectation of beauty and magic in every moment!


    "I’ve never had an essence like yours before in the sense that it is soooo comforting externally! Like a high vibration crystal.

    I have a lot of stress...even hardship...in my life so I sleep holding your bottle and it really helps."


    Since I started using your flower Essences, I have been able to clear so much more energetically, going very deeply into my core being! It's beyond amazing! Beyond my expectations! These are truly 5D essences, just phenomenal results! Far surpass any other Essences I have used! I feel like I am breaking through so many old barriers, shifting into higher consciousness, discovering my most authentic truth and evolving into my most authentic self! Highly recommended! Thank you Julie! I am so grateful for the incredible work! Wow!" --Rev. Heyde Class - Professional Intuitive Metaphysical Consultant, Reiki Teacher, Astrologer and Animal Communicator ~ Sedona, AZ


    "After feeling I had some type of a blockage in my solar plexus, I purchased Vitality Solar Plexus Flower and Gem Essence. 
    Put it in my water as directed and almost immediately what used to feel like the energy was going through a funnel was now flowing freely!  The energy was moving up and down my chakras system.!! Julie, I have been using it at least twice a day.  I'm used to the first movement now and I'm looking for some more movement, have to do my best to get to 4/day! Thank you so much!" -AD


    You Got This seriously has saved my life on multiple occasions. I cannot and will not live without it. Thank you for co~creating such powerful healing magic and sharing it with us. Spirit knows we need all the support we can get and this is pure Divine love and light."

    -Jennifer Rose


    BiolumenEssence’s unique and divinely inspired essences and blends, with deep healing intentions, help me open further~ to allow more movement to take place on various levels of my being. Every time I use one of these handcrafted essences, I feel that I get exactly what I need from it. I add drops to my drinking water, my bath water, sacred objects on my altar or that I use in ceremony, gifts I wish to energize for friends, and the earth when I choose to plant in my garden." 


    "I am certain that you know the incredible place that I am in.  I am so happy that I had the session with you. Since then I am in such an uninterruptable state of peace and tranquility. Things that used to put me in emotional turmoil, have no effect other than my witnessing them. I don't even need to release because they no longer enter." – Donna, LightStar Session


    "I have a whole new perspective and I've gotten so clear with what I want and what I don't want and all kinds of other stuff has been changing or clearing up for me since that journey with you! I can't thank you enough" 🙏🥰. – Eliza, Flower Journey