Winds of Change

Winds of Change

During my walk yesterday, the wind was whipping and the sky was grey, you could feel a storm brewing. While I was thinking about the storms we all have in our lives (and in the world), I was captivated by a set of 3 plastic flamingo wind-spinner lawn ornaments in someone’s garden. As the wild winds roared, one of the flamingos was manically spinning his wings as fast as they would go, in a full 360 degree circle…the second one’s wings were slightly swinging back and forth, and the third wasn’t responding to the external stimuli at all. 

I found this such a profound and interesting metaphor for how we all navigate the winds of change in our lives. Some of us frantically & manically do everything we can to keep up and manage the energy flowing through, even at the expense of wearing ourselves out. Others of us have a calm, relaxed flow…we know the wind is fierce, but it isn’t going to break us if we don’t keep up, while others of us are standing there completely still either unable to feel & respond to what is happening or being stoic, confident & strong in the face of the challenge ahead.
 No matter who you are in this scenario, the storm and the winds will inevitably come. The question is who will you be in the face of it, how will you choose to handle it, and what is the most supportive way for you to manage your own energy, for your own sanity, and those around you? We always have a choice, to respond rather than react. Take a minute to get present with yourself, and ask yourself how you would like to show up in the face of the storm. 

Happy Spring,


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