Spring.  Just the word itself has a buoyant vitality about it that feels jubilant and celebratory. I spend so much of my free time wandering through greenhouses and garden shops this time of year…listening & looking to see which new plant friends want to come home with me. I recently picked up a passionflower. The first time I ever experienced this plant in person was in 2000 during an herbal apprenticeship program, and I remember being blown away by the magic of this plant-the way it grows & blooms, the way it almost looks like it is inside out and from outer space…it was love at first sight. It is resilient & easily propagated, with its spirally tendrils supporting its growth & prolific nature. 
Today, while I was setting up a trellis for it, I was releasing it from the shackles of its previous support structure and I couldn’t help but think about how there are structures in our lives that are created to support us, and on our journey, we can get all twisted up and bound to these structures (situations, belief structures, expectations, societal “authorities” & institutions etc.) –with good intentions, in our natural inclination for expansion & evolution, we can get bound into situations that keep us tangled and stuck, and dependent on these old structures, ultimately stifling the highest expression of who we are. 

Sometimes it takes someone showing you another way, or helping you to unravel the tangled tendrils of your life to get you back on track, on a healthy trajectory of growth & expansion. One where you can let the earth beneath your feet and the sun overhead nourish and support you, so that you can continue to grow, unencumbered & free. 
If you feeling like a stifled passionflower, BiolumenEssence as products & services to help you relax, unwind, unravel, grow and expand into your highest destiny.

We are here to support you in that journey,


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