As July rolls around every year, many of us can’t help but think about Independence. The theme is so deeply embedded in the very fabric of this country, and those that live here, that it has to cross your mind at some point as we collectively celebrate July 4th. Independence can look & feel like self-empowerment & freedom, and at the same time, I can see how this notion has the ability to create separation & superiority over each other & nature. 

When I think of Independence, my mind immediately self corrects it to Interdependence. If we look outside of ourselves, we can see that this premise is fundamental to our existence. 
From the food we eat relying on bees pollinating the flowers to those flowers depending on microorganisms & minerals in the soil. Trees depend on the mycelial network beneath them. Healthy relationships rely on trust & communication, economies on an exchange of currency, communities on diversity & shared ideas, orchestras on several instruments and health on the balance & integration of mind, body and spirit. 
As individuals and as a nation, wellness does not thrive in isolation, but in the reciprocity of that which nourishes, sustains and supports us. It is our hope that we all seek out more of that, and less of what divides and separates us. 

Happy Interdependence Day, 


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