Herbs were my first love on my journey into the holistic healing field. I was living in Burlington, VT in the mid 90's, and there was an herb shop, Purple Shutter Herbs, that I would frequent. At the time, I didn’t really know what any of them were for, or how to really work with them, but I was captivated by the promise of their healing powers, and the life force energy they carried. I bought a bunch and started experimenting with them. 

Something happens when you work with plants, herbs & the green world…there’s this element of ancient wisdom, support and healing that is conveyed just by their presence, taste & smell. There is a wildness, a primal remembering that is sparked within oneself, when working with them… this remembrance of who we are…children of this beautiful planet that we’ve become so disconnected from. 

From the early days of dreaming Hidden Gem on Main into being, I’ve always seen an apothecary, with jars of bulk organic herbs being an integral part of our offerings, that day has finally arrived.

As I was filling the glass jars with herbs, they were so excited to be coming out of their bags, to be shared with our community. It was like connecting with old friends, in a new way. It is my hope that our customers & clients connect with these herbs, and let the wild work within them, to heal & transform their relationship to themselves, and the world around them. 

We are at a time when self-reliance, sustainability & preventative medicine is paramount. There has never been a better time to engage with the plants, and learn how they can serve, heal & support you. 

Wishing you a healthy, vibrant March, 

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