Four Elements

Four Elements

One day this summer, while watering my snow peas, I had an embarrassingly elementary “Aha” moment…thinking about how simple of a life plants seem to have, and how they only need the 4 elements to survive, and "wouldn't it be nice if us humans had it that easy?"  Clearly there is more nuance in the way the elements play into the thriving of humans...
The element of EARTH is the ground beneath our feet, the shelter over our heads, the trees that we hug and the food that nourishes and supports us. AIR teaches us that respiration fuels inspiration. Slowing down and paying attention to our breath unlocks many things within us…things we are ready to heal, let go of, and breathe more life into. FIRE offers us the opportunity to release what no longer serves us, while igniting the passion to pursue what we are dreaming into being. We all are carrying some stories, beliefs or patterns that we’d like to incinerate and transmute. WATER teaches us how to soften our rough edges, to feel, flow & cleanse…and forge our own path, even create epic canyons, if we choose.
And while the seeds (intentions) that you’ve planted have been nourished & fed with a balance of these elements along with a hearty dose of intention, love & vision, sometimes those plants (dreams) don’t make it. Tending a garden teaches you that sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may need to uproot things, and start over. And that is the beauty of life & the Wild Benevolence of Nature – it is synonymous with endless, relentless creation & never bows down and allows itself to be squashed, defeated or controlled. 

So, start again.  Plant new seeds. Follow your dreams & allow yourself to be supported by the elements that are constantly dancing in, through and around you. 

May all your dreams come to fruition, 


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