Energy Transmission

Energy Transmission

I love this photo of the snow. So pristine and perfect, punctuated with the creative expression of whoever traversed the land. In the snow we can see the impression we leave behind…which is not so obvious in other instances…it is a powerful reminder that our energy precedes us, and it also lingers in places we have been. 
Something we probably don’t often think about, is the energetic imprint we are leaving on the world, in the wake of our presence. So, this is just a friendly reminder, to be more present and aware of the energy you are beaming out into the world…because it can be felt in places you have been, by people you may not even know. We are always picking up on the thoughts, energies & emotions of other people as our energy field bumps into theirs. 

These past 2 years have been hyper focused on the transmission of a virus.  I invite you to think about transmission of energy. What are people picking up from you? What are you picking up from sources outside of yourself (social media, television, the people in your life, etc?)
Spiritual/Energetic hygiene is more important than ever - setting up boundaries, protecting yourself, clearing & balancing your chakras, getting grounded and getting out in Nature is essential when trying to navigate this energy soup we are all swimming in. Starting to add these practices into your daily routine will help you have more clarity, peace & discernment, resulting in a deeper alignment with yourself & place in this world. 

I hope you are enjoying the quiet beauty of the winter months,


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