I’ve been thinking a lot about community these past few days, and what that means, what it looks like, and why it is important. We hear so often at the Gem, that people are seeking like-minded souls to connect with, that they can’t share who they really are or what they are really into, with the people in their lives. 

 Finding “your people” - the ones who share a common vision & purpose, sense of humor, hobbies & beliefs or (radical ideas) can really help shift your perspective, elevate your conversations, spark new ideas & inspiration, as well as help you to keep an open, receptive heart & mind.

Sometimes, just sharing space with others – even if you don’t have a conversation with them, can be powerful & life changing. We communicate with our energy as much as we communicate with our words. Our presence is powerful, and being seen & supported by others in community (common-unity) can help us feel less alone, more aligned & at ease. 

In my experience, “community” extends to the natural world around us as well. We share an essential, reciprocal bond with the plant kingdom, and we wouldn’t exist without each other, our destinies are intricately linked. If you are interested in exploring this relationship, I invite you to check out the Return to your Element Retreat, (Early bird registration deadline is July 15th

Wishing you fun in the sun this holiday weekend, 


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