As Wallingford gears up for the 350th Jubilee festivities this month, I started to think about the role celebration plays in our lives. With the world being in the state that it is in, it can be hard to feel as if there is anything to celebrate. As of late, it seems that we are being programmed to be anxious, angry, divisive & fearful of each other and all that is unfolding around us.
I just watched a video where a man asked the Dalai Lama about anxiety. The Dalai Lama explained how the source of our anxiety is our self-centered nature, and the cure is altruism. 
Let’s practice meeting each other with compassion & kindness, and see if our collective anxiety drops down a few notches. Let us see beyond the “bad vibes” someone shows up with, and instead sit with them and really *see* them & the beauty they carry within. We all desire to be seen, heard & acknowledged. Let’s be mindful to celebrate the passion with which others love & champion a cause, even if we don’t understand, agree or align with it. 

A healthy environment, whether we are talking about a jungle, a farm or your microbiome, thrives on diversity – a healthy society is no different. Let’s celebrate our diversity & differences, in all the ways they manifest...without the need to label, segregate and further divide…and see to it that we are all equally contributing to a strong, sane & flourishing world around us, one that unites us instead of divides us.
That, is something to celebrate. 

Turn up your speakers & dance,


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