Reflections on 2020

Reflections on 2020

It has been hard to find words to encapsulate the essence & energy of life on earth this past year...

2020 has certainly been challenging for many of us. At the same time it was undoubtedly a year of growth and expansion, as it shook many of us to our core, and had us asking lots of questions.

Whether your growth has shown up as a result of taking on homeschooling, adjusting to working from home, managing a lack of social connecting, caring for sick loved ones, amplifying your wellness practice to keep your immune system in peak condition, shifting or getting more vocal about your political perspective (and losing some friends over it), surrendering to state lock downs & having to close your business, or being silenced/censored & shut down by social media  (it happened to me, thanks Facebook!)…2020 has brought us a world that only “conspiracy theorists” dreamed could happen in the US, and, well…here we are. It has been fascinating to witness it all unfold.

We are all doing the best we can to navigate what is before us.  I’m seeing more and more people turn to energetic medicine to support them in these crazy times, and the benefits and results have been profound. Getting back to our roots, getting connected with nature and her medicine, reminds us of who we are, and puts us in resonance with the natural world around us. It is easy to get caught up in the external happenings of life these days. It is easy to take things personally, to get offended, or to let our fear run the show. But ultimately, that is NOT the highest expression of Who We Are. 

As lightworkers, we are here to foster the evolution of consciousness through compassion & presence, and to shine our light in the dark cavernous places of our society to illuminate what is toxic and out of balance.  Not running from or hating on others who think differently, but embracing the reflection we see in those that trigger us. Not denying the existence of things that make us uncomfortable, but taking a hard look at them & noticing what arises if we allow ourselves to feel into the possibility of that which we don’t want to be true, very well might be, and allowing yourself to feel the pain & confusion when this reality sinks into your heart~space.

Flower essences are amazing tools to work with, when trying to address the unseen, dark, nebulous & hard to reach places within ourselves. They are Nature’s Liquid Light-workers helping us to navigate our ascension process. They are masters at helping us to shift the energetic, spiritual and emotional “stuff” we carry that we may not have words for. The work starts within us, and trickles out into the world. Flower Essences are the perfect ally for this journey, offering their support, wisdom and subtle magic to sometimes tough situations.

One of my favorite essences to be using these days, is LightStar.  LightStar assists in activating your core of light, and spins out any discordant energies that aren’t in your highest alignment. In a way, it’s like an energetic colonic for your energy body. It creates space within you to let your own light shine.

So, instead of repeatedly declaring that 2020 was a “shit~show” let us instead be grateful for all the awareness and growth it has brought us, even if it was painful, uncomfortable and maddening. I don’t know who said it (and if you know, please tell me!), but this has stuck with me since I heard it about 20 years ago: “Obstacles are the polishing stones on the facets of our brilliance”.

I think we are going to come out quite shiny on the other side of 2020.

Wishing you joy, health & happiness this holiday season,


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