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BiolumenEssence Flower Essences ~ Awaken your Luminous Nature





  the conscious, life-affirming inner luminosity that authentically expresses the deeply aligned truth & essence of Who You Are ~ often revealed as you awaken to your highest destiny through deepening your connection to the Wild~Benevolence of Nature: the very foundation of life on Earth.





Activate & anchor the luminous, intuitive, cosmically-connected, expansive parts of you that yearn to be expressed, experienced & shared with the world.

If you are ready to transmute what isn't aligned with your Highest Purpose and Divine Destiny, while deepening your connection to the natural world around you, we invite you to explore our products & offerings...


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Flower essences help to reach the dark, nebulous, hard to reach places within ourselves...the places where stagnation, fear, outdated beliefs, patterns & traumas live...the places where sabotaging thoughts & habits spring from. Flower Essences are able to reach these areas & transmute them into light, while inviting in qualities to replace what no longer serves you with that which is in alignment with your highest destiny & divine purpose.

 Catalysts for transformation, growth & conscious evolution...Liquid Light~workers that activate & illuminate the LightBody & Awaken your Luminous Nature.


BiolumenEssence Flower Essences














Our flower essences & aromatic blends are a synthesis of the mystical elements of alchemy, spirit & magic synergizing with the energetics, therapeutics & Wild~Benevolence of the plant kingdom.

The alchemy & synergy that happens when working with flower & gem essences creates a resonance between our personal frequency and that of the Earth & Cosmos. Expansion, wellness & transformation often result, as that which is dissonant to Who you Are, naturally falls away.













Just as vitamins & supplements support your physical bodythese vibrational healing remedies nourish your light body...

Support your  journey within, elevate your frequency, get into alignment and increase your vibrancyelation & vitality...all it takes is a few drops per day - in your water, under your tongue, applied topically or in a bath.

Return to your Element Retreat September Vermont

Divinely Grownded Day Retreat Wallingford, CT






"I just wanted to share that Julie’s workshop was a life changer for me.  I came into the experience a little skeptical and in a really dark emotional place. The combination of oils, music, drumming, and guided meditation were so relaxing and comforting. I felt afterwards that a huge block of tension and pain were released.
I felt like a renewed person. So much so that although I have never been one to take essences/oils, I asked Julie to make the special blend from the session. I continue to take it multiple times a day and each time feel that glowing warmth through my body that I felt during my journey.
I would recommend Julie and this process to anyone, but especially if you are emotionally stuck and need help moving on your journey. It was beyond fantastic!!!!"

~Katie     Wallingford, CT







All of our products are hand~crafted & hand~poured with

Sacred Intent for the Purposeful Unfoldment of your Highest Destiny


**unlike essential oils, flower essences do not have an aroma, and are safe to take internally **