Wellness Offerings



 I work with the energy of the "Wild~Benevolence of Nature" in my healing sessions, incorporating plant spirit medicine & universal energy, for a balanced, grounded energy healing session. This energy work helps you to shift & move through any blocks that you may be bumping up against and allows you to delve deeply into your healing process. As you move along your healing path and peel away that which no longer serves you, you are deeply held & supported by the energy of Mother Earth.

In my consultation work, I incorporate various aspects of plant medicine – whether it is flower essences, essential oils or whole foods, superfoods & herbs. By working with these therapeutic plant allies, we are creating resonance with our frequency and that of the Earth.

Radiant Vitality, Alignment, Expansion, and Wellness often result, as that which is dissonant to Who you Are, naturally falls away.

I believe that we are our own best healers. We know our body, mind & spirit better than anyone. I like to empower my clients to trust their own internal guidance system and to empower them with information and tools to navigate their journey, so they no longer feel the need to surrender all of their power to someone else.

BiolumenEssence energy healing session


It is an honor to support you in discovering, activating & embodying your BiolumenEssence™ as you awaken your luminous nature.


As we move farther away from our 

Natural Wildness,

we are seeking to reclaim those pieces of ourselves that are essential yet long forgotten.

Connecting with Nature, whether through our food, a Flower Essence, or being barefoot ~ lying with our

heart on the Earth, is essential to the

Remembering of

Who We Are





All sessions take place at 

Hidden Gem on Main

33 N. Main Street

Wallingford, CT 06492

Please call 203.514-8787 or email julie@biolumenessence.com to schedule your appointment

I am not a doctor, nor do I prescribe, treat or cure any disease. I will offer information, and it is up to you to do your own research & pursue it as an option on your healing path.