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"Since I started using your flower Essences, I have been able to clear so much more energetically, going very deeply into my core being! It's beyond amazing! Beyond my expectations! These are truly 5D essences, just phenomenal results! Far surpass any other Essences I have used! I feel like I am breaking through so many old barriers, shifting into higher consciousness, discovering my most authentic truth and evolving into my most authentic self! Highly recommended! Thank you Julie! I am so grateful for the incredible work! Wow!" --Rev. Heyde Class - Professional Intuitive Metaphysical Consultant, Reiki Teacher, Astrologer and Animal Communicator ~ Sedona, AZ


" Magic in a bottle!" - E.D, Sedona, AZ


 "I must tell you that I am enjoying working with your "Surrender." I take a few drops before sleep and I notice I have been dreaming of all these "things" that were in my life. A lot of them I released when I cleaned out my house to move to Hawaii. Many of them have been appearing in my dreams and I realize that it is ok to surrender my attachment to them and they are in a new happy place. I had a lot of guilt about releasing them to new homes and now I feel a sense of peace about it. I am also finding that she is helping me to be calmer and more centered. Such a beautiful thing!" ~ L.V. Littleton, CO


" I want to express gratitude for the oracle card process. The oracle cards were a HUGE help as was the option to make an oracle blend based on that process. That was an AMAZING and powerful option. Although I feel confident that the other essences I was drawn to would have definitely assisted me, I will admit that the ones that the cards showed me were not my first three hits! As I read and researched the essences revealed through the oracle cards more deeply, I was like Holy !@#$. And then I was moved to tears and felt grief and release and relief and support and lots of other things right after placing my order and this morning/day and now this evening. This connection has been a long time coming and my system is already responding. So thank you. I feel confident I will have joyful news to report in the upcoming weeks." ~A.V. Rochester, NY


"This product worked in an unexpected way. I underestimated how powerful it was and ended up using only a half dose. This product, much like hands on energy healing, brought my issues to the surface and helped me process better my thoughts and feelings."
~ C.L. Prospect, CT


 "BiolumenEssence’s unique and divinely inspired essences and blends, with deep healing intentions, help me open further~ to allow more movement to take place on various levels of my being. Every time I use one of these handcrafted essences, I feel that I get exactly what I need from it. I add drops to my drinking water, my bath water, sacred objects on my altar or that I use in ceremony, gifts I wish to energize for friends, and the earth when I choose to plant in my garden." ~ J.Y. Springfield, MO