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The forest is calling you

She’s calling for your surrender, your attention, your intention & your ceremony

She’s calling forth your truth, your center, your connection, your wild sacred heart.

She’s calling you to claim your place on this planet – and rise to remember who you are…to shine like the radiant being of light that you are…

When you heed her call, you’ll receive many gifts. Her gifts are abundant, primal, simple, spirited and magical – infused with stories, history & folklore, they are imbedded with meaning & healing. These tools bring us back to our primal nature, activating a soul level recognition of Who We Are.

In the sacred womb of the forest, you’ll heighten your vibration, awareness & connection to All That Is...

Maybe you’re a healer – diving deeper into your journey, exploring new tools & modalities…

Maybe you’re a seeker – looking for connection, community & kindred spirits

Maybe you’re overwhelmed & overworked and seeking respite & quiet contemplation

No matter the path brought you here….we are connected as we navigate a world flooded with information – in the seen & unseen. This is an opportunity to decompress and detox your body, mind & spirit. To come home to yourself...

Divinely Grownded Retreat

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