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Let That Shit Go Aromatic Oil Blends



Aromatic Aura Mist & Aromatic Anointing Roll On

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Let that Shit Go aromatic oil blend is helpful when you’ve picked up some mucky energy from someone/somewhere – that you don’t need to be carrying around with you & allowing it to ruin your day. This blend helps to clear & purge the energy field of energies that do not belong to you. It helps you shake off & clear that which isn’t yours.

Let that Shit Go helps to keep that energy moving along, as it clears & strengthens your energy field, allowing you to feel lighter & brighter. This blend brings strength, centeredness, clearing & joy. LightStar Synergy Flower Essence helps you release, align & illuminate.

Spray in your auric field, in your car, office or home to Let That Shit Go! The roll on is great for strengthening your own boundaries & not allowing anything to “stick” to you throughout the day.

2oz & 4oz spray contains:

Let that Shit Go Aromatic Oil Blend contains: Organic Essential Oils of: Atlantic Cedarwood, Ginger, Pink Grapefruit, Virginia Cedarwood & Juniper with LightStar Cosmic Synergy Flower Essence

10ml Roll On ingredients are the same, except it is in a base of Organic jojoba instead of spring water & Himalayan Salt

Are you local to Wallingford, CT? If you’d like to create you own custom blend, visit our blending bar at Hidden Gem on Main

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4oz Aura Mist, 10ml Roll On, Flower Essence