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Flower Essence Journey



Come experience what happens when you mix meditation, sound, energy healing & flower essences into an experiential journey, guided by the flowers…you’ll get deeply rooted in your body while tapping into the expansiveness of your own being. You’ll leave feeling light & luminous…

Tuesday, July 19th – 7pm-9pm

Hidden Gem on Main 33 N. Main St. Wallingford, CT

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Tuesday July 19th 7-9pm

Hidden Gem on Main – 33 N. Main St.Wallingford, CT

This is an expansive, heart activating & opening experience. Journey with the flowers & get present to the power & presence of your own LIGHT

Flowers speak the language of the soul – a language that we don’t necessarily hear with our ears, but understand within the depths of our being, on a cellular level. You have experienced this before if you’ve ever walked through a garden of blooming flowers, inhaled the healing aroma of a gardenia or have been given a bouquet of flowers when you were grieving. They touch a space deep within you and start to heal the fragmented parts of you, that maybe you didn’t even realize needed healing.

We want to feel light, expansive & free, yet we are often bogged down & constipated with old energies, judgments & beliefs. Flower essences help to break through this stagnation & transmute it into light, acting almost like a lubricant, helping the energy to move with ease.

Join Julie Dokas, creator of BiolumenEssence Flower Essences for this Flower Essence Journey. We will explore what flower essences are, how they are made, how to use them, the distinction between flower essences & essential oils….

We will journey with an essence, so you get an immersive experience in connecting with an essence to see what message it has for you, while tapping into its subtle energy.

If you are curious about various types of plant medicine or energy work, you may find flower essences to be a fascinating and powerful addition to your practice.

Join us for this fun & experiential evening!

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