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Flower Essence Oracle Card Reading




flower essence oracle card reading

Consult the cards for your Mind * Body * Spirit Reading





Nature is always speaking to us. We don't always listen. Take a minute to connect with the plant devas & see what they want to share with you. As you hover over the card deck below, take a deep breath and get present to what is going on in your Mind, Body & Spirit. Think about those areas that you would like some insight, assistance & perspective on. 

You may also choose to read the cards as Past ~ what you need to clear up, release & let go of in order to move forward;  Present ~ for whatever it is that you are marinating in the midst of at that moment. And Future ~ for where you are headed, what you would like to create for yourself & the energies you'd like to invite into your experience.


Click to choose a card for ~Mind~ click again for ~Body~ and a third click for ~Spirit~



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with the energies & qualities of the flower essences that arose in your reading: 


Flower Essence Oracle Synergy Blend

A custom flower essence blend can be made for you from the 3 essences that arise in your reading






flower essence oracle trio

Purchase the 3 Essences from your reading here:  Oracle Trio Collection 



 Flower Essences address issues of our energetic, emotional & spiritual bodies and often help to create balance in these subtle levels of our being. If a card arises that doesn't immediately seem to answer your question, take a moment to look a bit deeper within. You may find subtle aspects that resonate with you (or trigger you) in some way that you may have not yet considered or looked at. I invite you to explore the messages that the cards have for you.