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Flower Essence Oracle Card Reading




flower essence oracle card reading

Consult the cards for your Mind * Body * Spirit Reading




In a FLORACLE Flower Essence Oracle Reading, I work with 3 different card decks to get a snapshot of the energies you are navigating. This is a combination of tarot, oracle & intuition to get an energetic assessment of where you are at & where you are headed. We’ll look at energies from your past, present & future and how they impact your body, mind & spirit.  I will create a custom flower essence synergy based on what comes up in your card reading & the multidimensional situation at hand.  Each essence serves a different purpose – whether it is to integrate the information from the reading, to help get you unstuck, open up your creativity, clear past trauma, align you with your highest destiny- the possibilities are vast and only limited to what your soul is ready to shift and the level to which you are ready to expand.


Floracle Flower Essence Oracle Reading


Nature is always speaking to us. We don't always listen. Take a minute to connect with the plant devas & see what they want to share with you. As you shuffle the cards, it helps to take a deep breath and get present to what is going on in your Mind, Body & Spirit. Think about those areas that you would like some insight, assistance & perspective on. 

A Floracle Flower Essence Oracle Reading is a different type of reading. This isn't a "tell me what the cards say about my future" type of reading. They give a little insight, and point in a direction, to open up a conversation around what is happening in your life. They give guidance on what types of tools, techniques or exercises/ceremonies to do to help shift the situation at hand. They guide me to choose the appropriate flower essences for your specific situation, to help support you in your process. 


FLORACLE flower essence oracle reading


In person readings happen at Hallowed Grownd, inside Hidden Gem on Main 33 N. Main St. Wallingford, CT 06492

 Phone sessions are available if you aren't able to an in person reading.

Email julie@biolumenessence.com or call 203.514.8787  for details.


with the energies & qualities of the flower essences that arose in your reading: 


Flower Essence Oracle Synergy Blend

A custom flower essence blend can be made for you from the essences that arose in your reading






flower essence oracle trio

Purchase the 3 Essences from your reading here:  Oracle Trio Collection 



 Flower Essences address issues of our energetic, emotional & spiritual bodies and often help to create balance in these subtle levels of our being. If a card arises that doesn't immediately seem to answer your question, take a moment to look a bit deeper within. You may find subtle aspects that resonate with you (or trigger you) in some way that you may have not yet considered or looked at. I invite you to explore the messages that the cards have for you.