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Faery Doctoring is a partnership with the energetic realm of the faeries, elementals & nature spirits to bring guidance, wisdom and clarity on a mind, body & soul level to impart healing & insight to an area of your life that is out of balance and in need of direction.

Christine, a Celtic Shamanic practitioner, will journey to the faerie/nature realm with your inquiry in mind, comes back with some wisdom/clarity/guidance as well as a healing if needed, or even a daily practice for you to do.  
Julie will then create your personalized custom essence recommended by the faeries, elementals, or nature spirits.  And then offer guidance on use and incorporating it into your faery reading.

Faery Doctoring helps those who feel lost or stuck to navigate the forks in the road on their life’s journey. It is ideal for anyone who is open to working with these nature-based energies, not just people who are already consciously connected to mother earth’s energies and healing with Nature.

Saturday July 10th 11am-4pm

at the Aromatic Apothecary & Botanical Blending Bar

inside Hidden Gem on Main in Wallingford, CT

A Faery Doctoring Session Includes 1 Custom Flower/Gem Essence or Aromatic Blend

$75/45min session

Reserve your spot  by emailing julie@biolumenessence.com or calling/texting 203-514-8787

If you can't make it to one of our clinics/in person events, you can sign up for a session & we can mail the the product to you. Please reach out for more information.



Christine McNally ~ Faery Doctoring Shaman

is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, ordain in the priesthood for the order of Melchizedek. She has studied Celtic Shamanism under Jane Burns, in turn studied under Tom Cowan and Sandra Ingerman, internationally known for their work in both Shamanism and Celtic Shamanism. In addition, she has studied Core Shamanism, Divination, Energy Medicine, Acupressure, and other Intuitive Healing Arts.  As a shamanic practitioner, she uses many of the core and Celtic techniques to perform rituals, ceremonies, divination, and soul-level work to produce healings in a person that is also done in conjunction with energy healing.  Christine uses energy healing in a multidimensional way that positively affects and transmutes energetic imprints in the body, mind, emotions, and the soul.  In addition to her work alongside the faery, elemental, and nature spirit realms, she also connects to other higher vibrational beings/guides such as angels, ascended masters, and other higher dimensional guides to assist with an individual’s spiritual healing work. Currently, she is offering her “Faery Doctoring” services alongside Julie Dokas\BiolumenEssence LCC as part of the very magical Faery Doctoring Clinics.  If you would like more information regarding her “Faery Doctoring” work she provides or her other spiritual work, please contact her at chrissyd877@gmail.com or 203-715-0784

Julie Dokas ~ Apothecarist

Julie is the founder and creator of BiolumenEssence, a company whose mission it is to connect people to the heart and soul of nature while deepening their awareness and experience of their own innate luminosity. She refers to herself as an Energetic & Botanical Alchemist, as her work is a synthesis of 24 years of immersion in various modalities of energy work, eastern & western herbalism, holistic nutrition, and clinical aromatherapy.  She is the co-owner of Hidden Gem on Main, a metaphysical shop in Wallingford, CT where she heads up the the Aromatic Apothecary & Botanical Blending Bar, offers FLORACLE readings, Flower Essence Journeys, Energy Healing sessions & nature based retreats. She is most passionate about her work with flower essences, as they bridge the gap between herbal & vibrational medicine, and are subtle yet powerful catalysts for transformation, growth & conscious evolution.