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Are you ready to expand beyond the limited confines of your 3D experience and break the subconscious limitations holding you back from what you know is possible for you? Are you open to a leap in consciousness through a journey of healing in the quantum field with the support of flower medicine specific to you?

This Vibrational Healing Journey is for you if -
- you know there is more for you to experience in this life but, you feel blocked or stuck,
- you’re ready to expand into your next level but, haven’t been able to get out of your own way,
- you’re ready to allow your fullest essence to come through and be expressed but, past pains or buried beliefs pull you back into patterns…

Hell yes?
Great! We are excited to have you.

Join Kelly Ann Matuskiewicz and Julie Dokas in this journey of inner exploration and expansion beyond.
We will gather in a sacred circle where Kelly Ann will bring you through a relaxing guided meditation journey where you’ll connect with your inner aspects and archetypes who have knowledge, wisdom, and guidance to share with you.
From that portal within, you’ll release limitations, integrate the wisdom, and expanded your vibrational field into the up~level version of yourself you’re ready for. To support your inner journey, clearing, and leap, Julie will facilitate your experience with flower essences. Flower Essences are a subtle yet powerful Plant Medicine, ready to assist you in the ceremony.

For your journey of transformation, growth and conscious evolution, Julie will provide the flower essence best suited for your intention. Flowers speak the language of the soul - a language that we don’t necessarily hear with our ears but, understand within the depths of your being, on a cellular level. They touch a space deep within you and start to heal the fragmented parts of you that maybe you didn’t even realize needed healing.

You’ll be held in a high vibrational frequency through the ceremony as you transverse through your inner landscape. You’ll gain clarity, insight, and guidance through making the connections within and beyond.
With Kelly Ann’s channeled guidance and voice - an instrument of healing - along with Julie’s mastery of flower essences and alchemy, you’ll be moved through experiences of vibrational tones and frequencies that clear away what is not serving you and guide you into the fullest version of yourself.

We are thrilled for you to be a part of this experience for yourself.

Additional information about Kelly Ann and Julie:

Kelly Ann at - www.KellyAnnCory.com or her FB page: https://goo.gl/arYjAe or https://www.facebook.com/pg/KellyAnnCory/reviews/

Julie - https://biolumenessence.com or FB page
https://www.facebook.com/biolumenessence/ or

Where: Hidden Gem on Main
33 N. Main St Unit D, Wallingford
(behind Archie Moores)

Date: Thursday, January 31st
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Exchange: $40

Preregister by emailing julie@biolumenessence.com and let me know you are coming. 

What to bring: Anything that will allow your experience to be comfortable - wear comfortable clothing to lay down, a blanket, yoga mat, eye mask, journal, water bottle.

Prior to arrival: have your intention for shifting into expansion ready and / or the areas you feel limited at the forefront.

Please refrain from wearing perfumes or cologne.



(dates & times to be announced)



~ The basics that everyone should know before using essential oils.



~ Learn how to make your own eco friendly, non toxic & cost effective cleaning supplies.



~ Learn how to use essential oils responsibly for your own health & wellness.



~ Come explore how essential oils can help us to balance, clear, activate & ground. We will explore the chakra  system & the energetics of essential oils & their relationship to each other.



~In this beginner class, we will discuss the history, use & magic of flower essences. Everyone will go home with a custom blended flower essence.



Are you ready for a breakthrough? To touch & activate the places deep within, that hold your power & purpose? Join us on this journey of self-illumination as we dive deep, and are held & assisted by the energy of  flowers.



~ Tools, Tips & Techniques to help integrate sacredness & magic into your life every day


Intensive Programs

BiolumenEssence Wellness Lifestyle Integration Program

Elemental Wellness Lifestyle Integration Program

This is a holistic wellness program designed to give you the tools & wisdom you need, to empower you to create a strong foundation for lasting wellness. This 8 week program (3 hours each week) is designed around the chakra system. We journey from the Root Chakra to the Crown… We will discuss the issues, emotions & teachings of each of the chakras, as you learn what system of the body are ruled by that chakra, what foods, herbs, essential oils & practices help to balance that chakra.

We will explore some tips, tools & techniques that you can integrate into your daily life, to help regain & maintain vitality & health.

We will cover a new chakra every week. The final class will focus on energy work to help you integrate & anchor all of the new information and to help you to release & shift any of  the “stuff” that you’ve uncovered from delving deeply into the wisdom & wonder of each chakra. The energy healing session will help you move through any blocks that you've met along the way, peel away the different layers as they arise and give you some time to relax and sink a little bit deeper into your self.

In this program you will:

  • Learn to listen to (and trust) your own innate wisdom & guidance

  • Get a handle on the workings of your own energy system

  • Gain a deeper understanding of healing foods, herbs, essential oils, supplements & flower essences

  • Learn to use foods & super-foods as powerful medicine

  • Know what to stock in your natural medicine cabinet

  • Learn about natural skin care & green cleaning products (and how to make your own)

  • Understand the difference between Natural, Organic & Non-GMO

  • Know how to make your own probiotic rich fermented foods

You will receive:

  • Essential Oil Chakra Synergy blend

  • A Flower Essence of your choice to work with during the course

  •  Handouts, links & relevant articles/resources

  • A complementary 30 min energy healing session (at any point within the 8 week program)

This program will be customized to meet the specific needs & energy of the class. We can have our sessions outside in a park, communing with the flowers & trees, or throwing some paint on a canvas or sitting quietly in  meditation. While there is structure to this course, it is also very much "go with the flow" and responsive to what is happening with the class/participants that day. 

This program is designed so that the Purposeful Unfoldment of your Highest Destiny begins to reveal itself.

BiolumenEssence Wellness Lifestyle Integration Program 8 Week Intensive 

Dates & Times to be announced.