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Insight into the Personality of Flower Essences








Insight into the Personality of Flower Essences

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, who is well versed in the energetics, therapeutics and chemistry of essential oils. We were talking about flower essences, and she was feeling a bit frustrated because there seems to be no hard & fast rule that this flower is for that purpose, like you would find if you studied aromatherapy or herbalism –different sources seem to have different information on the same plant when it comes to the energetics & esoteric uses of flower essences.


As humans, we are all same Genus & Species – Homo sapiens. Just because we share the same genus & species, does not mean that we share all of the same characteristics, qualities, talents, personality quirks, gifts, fears, aspirations, inspiration, belief system, lifestyle, taste, style, creative process, emotional intelligence, spiritual connection, etc.


 With flowers & flower essences, I believe there is so much that goes into developing a single flower (or group of flowers, in the case of a flower essence) that determine the specific personality of that essence.


The land where it was grown, the soil, the climate, the energy of the people that live nearby, the person’s intention who was creating the essence, the astrology of the day, what was happening in the world at the time of its flowering, what did the bee whisper to the flower as it nuzzled & rolled around inside and gathered pollen, what was the story that blew in on the breeze, or the information contained in the raindrops that landed on the petals the day before harvest? Was it sung to by crickets at night, or peepers? Did it grow through cracks in the sidewalk in the city? Did it grow under overhead powerlines, near an airport? Where and under what conditions was the water sourced that is being used?


There are hundreds of opportunities for the world around us to shape and change us. We are changed by stories & music that we hear, by encounters that we have, by dancing in the rain, staring at the stars or spending a morning sun-gazing. I believe that flowers are no different. They each have their own individual story to tell, and the nuances of their energy as it meets your energy, co creates something that has not existed before…its geometric perfection meets yours, cellular energy is transformed, spiritual understanding is birthed, trauma shifts, awareness awakens, pain arises, letting go happens, unbounded joy courses through your veins, alignment with your soul purpose starts to happen, a deeper level of perfection and connection start to take place.


We are frequency made visible. When we ingest the perfection of nature, we allow ourselves to get into resonance with the natural world, and all that is not us, falls away. Flower essences simply remind us of who we are, beings that are an integral part of Nature.

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Gratitude for the gifts of 2019


2019 has brought with it incredible connections, collaborations, creativity & growth for many of us. And along with that still comes a lot of "stuff" that is a lot less fun to talk about, not to mention feel & integrate. But this is where our work is. Transformation, expansion, inner peace and self love sometimes don't come so easily. They require us to look at the shadows lingering within us, the beliefs that have a hold on us, even though intellectually we know better. And most importantly, *feel* all the feels that show up, no matter how desperately we want to bury our head in the sand or run away. 

This is the place where flower essences shine & offer unrivaled support. They illuminate all those dark sticky places within, and the energy starts moving again. Sometimes this looks like creating new habits, or asking tougher questions of ourselves, adopting a new perspective or having a new insight pop in at the perfect moment...or sitting in meditation/creating the space to allow whatever wants to show up, to show up. They help us to peel away the layers, so that we can begin to feel our luminous nature awakening.

I invite you to explore how flower essences can support you in 2020 & beyond!

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Flowers Essences Illuminate our Light Body



It is my sense that flowers carry codes of light. Flower essences capture this light, and make it assimilable in the body. They help to energize & illuminate our light-body by shining a light on what is dark & stuck within us, helping us to shift and transmute those energies/beliefs/patterns.

We are multidimensional, cosmically connected beings. Flower essences support our ability to SHINE in the world and to feel lighter & brighter while they assist us on our path of ascension,  helping us to integrate cosmic & earthly energies.

The word LUMEN is defined as a unit of luminosity...related to the Latin "lucere" meaning "to shine"...I don't think it is a coincidence that in botany, a "lumen" is a cavity within a plant cell, surrounded by a cell wall. I'm guessing that in a bunch of years, when science catches up with energy, intuition and WOO, that they'll discover that plants hold light in these cavities.

Maybe this research has been done, I don't know, I haven't gone looking for specific scientific evidence of it... I often like to sit in wonder and awe, pondering the magic of the universe for a while, before I go searching for some distilled down, reductive analysis that eliminates magic & wonder and only takes into account some indoctrinated mindset that often only believes that something has validity if  one can perceive it using the 5 senses. That being said, science is making headway...tapping into the unseen, magical workings of the universe and proving what indigenous and intuitive folks have known for years.  I am in no way discounting the validity of science...I'm just saying that I don't always go looking for the approval of science in order to back up what I know to be true. 

 What is your experience? Have you noticed an inner luminosity awakening within, when you use flower essences? Are you ever awe-struck just gazing at the geometric perfection of the natural world around you?



Alchemy for Ascension


I created BiolumenEssence after several years of making flower essences. Upon connecting with the essences, and asking each of them what they were for and why someone would choose to use them, I received some surprising answers. Clearly these essences came into being at a time when we are struggling – straddling a world that is simultaneously on the brink of the Golden Age as much as it is teetering on the edge of immense darkness, control, disaster & fear. Flower essences are alchemical in their creation - bringing in different elements & energies ~ earth, air, water & fire (sunshine). They offer us Alchemy for Ascension.


ˈalkəmē/   noun ~  a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination


əˈsen(t)SH(ə)n/   noun ~ the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.


Alchemy for AscensionWorking with flower essences initiates a type of internal alchemy ~ one of transformation, growth and luminosity, that enhances and illuminates our path & process of ascension. 


There are some of us here on this planet anchoring in higher energies, some of us are clearing out & transmuting obsolete patterns from ourselves & humanity at large, while some of us weave energetic grids for foundations of what is yet to come. I believe that a lot of this work happens subconsciously…it is not always easy to remember Who We Are, and embody that 24-7 in a world that doesn’t exactly embrace this power & magic as desirable qualities...or even possible, for that matter.


Some of us are embodying the Warrior, others, the Goddess. And some of us are struggling with just being in a body, loving ourselves, creating strong boundaries, tapping into our creativity and becoming aware of our patterns and beliefs that have kept us stuck for years. We long to feel luminous, expansive and connected. I have found flower essences to be a supportive ally while navigating my journey ~ helping to create internal movement, peace, joy and connection. 


There is magic all around us, and I believe whole heartedly in a fantastical~magical universe.  We are powerful beings and we can wield that power in subtle ways, to influence the situations around us and within us.  I lovingly refer to the tapping-in-to this energy as doing “WooWoo”...you will hear me say it often.

It is time for us to Remember Who We Are & re-engage with our own innate magic. I invite you to join me…

In joy & wonder,