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Aromatic Apothecary & Botanical Blending Bar



BiolumenEssence's Aromatic Apothecary & Botanical Blending Bar at Hidden Gem on Main features all the ingredients you need to make your own body care products.

We carry organic essential oils, BiolumenEssence flower essences, carrier oils, butters, beeswax, etc. You can stock up on ingredients, bottles & jars to make your own at home, or you can blend your own right at the bar, under the guidance of a certified aromatherapist.


Organic Carriers

Blending Bar Offerings & Menu


Aromatic Consultation w/ custom essential oil blend $50

Flower Essence Consultation w/ custom flower essence synergy $50

 Oracle Reading w/ FLORACLE custom flower essence synergy $50

Flower Essence Journey (Energy Healing Session) w/ Custom Synergy $125

LightStar Activation Energy Healing Session w/LightStar Flower Essence $125



Blending Bar hours:

Tuesdays 3-8pm, Wednesday 5-8pm, Friday 1pm - 5pm, Saturday 1pm-5pm

Please email julie@biolumenessence.com or call 203-514-8787 to schedule an appointment for another day/time.